Procedure of implementation in Azadeh Azizi architecture complex

this is the working process

Get the information you need

According to the customer's needs, all the items that the employer wants will be received

Initial design and approval

Designing the information received by the expert and coordinating with the employer for initial approval of the work

Determine budget and costs

All costs from zero to one hundred jobs will be adjusted and presented based on the employer's budget

Launch and install

Presence of technical team after budget approval and design and execution, installation and implementation

About Azadeh Azizi Architecture company

Azadeh Azizi Design Company has started its activities in the field of interior design (residential,commercial), landscape design, furniture design and green space since 1391. The goals of our companyare providing the best customer service in accordance with technology and the use of modern architecture to promote the quality of architectural community in Iran. We are proud of that all our services are based on international standards.

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meet our team of experts

Azadeh Azizi
Founder & CEO
Shahin arjmand


we have sincerely believed that the case which has presented to customer should be different from any existing idea. This proper punctuation has naturally made all our innovative designs completely unique and even significantly different from the previous works of the unusual collection. One of our concerns during the performance of the design is the sensory spread received from the environment and its relationship with the creation of architecture and structures.


Prizes and contests

The architect of the corner villa meeting competition is recognized and a finalist

Completed projects

Our company has inevitably been the pioneer of implementing the most recent methods and styles of interior decoration.
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